The Healthcare Consumer




2017 August


"Patients need a voice. You're providing that. Thank you!"- Diane, CA


“Wow, I’m ready to do something different.”-Ardis, CT


“I hadn’t really thought about my place in healthcare.”- Alexjandra, TX


“Do you think the politicians even care about us or what we have to say?” – Gwen, LA


“Arnese, thank you for making an effort…that’s all I’m gone say.”- Karen, LA


“I’m excited about this. This is good. We got to spread the word.” – Ian, LA


“Waaaayyyy overdue.”- Dr. B; WA


“Ms. Stern, you are always doing good.”- Kim, MS


“Healthcare in America is a debauchery. This is a well-intended first step to helping people understand that we all play a part in reforming healthcare in America. Us and our entitlements. Do you know how many people I’ve talked to that believe it’s the politicians responsibility or their hospitals responsibility to fix healthcare? Finally; someone gets it!”- Donavan, TX



2017 September


“We, the people; weren’t at the table for the healthcare reform conversation. I don’t know; I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.” -Amber, CA


“I think we need to look at places like Switzerland. I think they pay a lot more in taxes but Don’t they have good healthcare?” -Christina, IL


"This website is so informative and provides detailed information on our ever changing healthcare. When we know better, we do better so thank you for standing with the consumers." -Erika Warren, TX


2018 June


“Very Very informative and helpful website.  Glad to know there's people who care.  Been screaming from the roof tops.  Great job Arnese.  Have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you!" -Samara, TX










As president and CEO of Merraine Group, I am pleased to share my experience with Arnese Stern and The Healthcare Consumer.


Ms. Stern has spoken at several of our offices, both domestically and internationally. She has assisted with training and consulting with our employees. Her presentation is outstanding, there are few in the field whom possess the knowledge and insight that she demonstrates.


I have found her to be dedicated to the advancement of understanding the healthcare industry. The golden nuggets gleaned from her professional presentations are beyond valuable.


I recommend The Healthcare Consumer to any organization that wants a better understanding of best practices within healthcare.